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Amidst the chaos of a post revolution Czech Republic, a bright future was imagined in the shine of some simple glass beads. Mode Bead’s Czech headquarters began modestly in the backseat of a rental car and since 1990 has expanded to an entire factory in the newly democratic Czech Republic where thousands of original products have been created and manufactured.

Starting with a small number of beaded necklaces; Mode has grown to become a significant supplier of crystals, beads, rhinestones, and tools. Industries ranging from jewelry to clothes, fashion, interior design and more have come to rely on us for our service and supply.

Beads have been an important part of Czech culture and commerce for generations. Mode has assisted its’ revival and emergence in the United States. The first stateside Mode Beads office was a tiny fourth floor apartment. Today Mode is proud to service clients from a magnificent 10,000 square foot location, housing a two floor showroom and an efficient shipping center. Our warehouse contains between sixteen to twenty five thousand products on shelves at all times, ready to complete orders as soon as they come in. 

Mode’s service and delivery are among the best in the business. Customers count on us for honest answers and swift shipping. Orders are packaged and inspected carefully to ensure our clients get the best we can offer.  

Experts at Mode Beads are available to assist customers with colors and trends, matching hues and suggesting shades to pick just the right bead to enhance every project. Although we work with designers and bead stores across the country, at Mode Beads individuals are just as important. 

For all your beading needs, findings, tools, design input and even custom orders and creations, see a Mode sales representative today. 

Mode’s Staff & Customer Service

At Mode Beads our goal is to provide reliable, professional, customer service. Our professional staff is all trained to help you find the best product, and are all available to answer any concern you may have. Not sure what color matches best? How about size, shape, finish? Our staff can help you make informed and educated decisions. 

We offer both live chat support, as well as a team of customer service associates who are all ready to answer any question you have. Feel free to contact us at any time at 718-765-0124, or our toll free line at 800-MODE-527.

Corporate Show Room

Mode Bead’s beautifully designed corporate show room sports elegant displays of all our Genuine Czech glass Beads, Crystals, Pearls, and Rhinestones and welcomes you by appointment only.

 If you are a distributor, customer, or wholesaler, please come by and visit our showroom to see the latest additions, and our best sellers. Contact our corporate office to make an appointment. 


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