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Like any master of a trade, your talent and creativity are not easily maximized without the proper tools. With these easy to use, comfortable and ergonomic appliances, even a novice jewelry maker can quickly become an expert. These efficient Crimpers, Cutters, Pliers and more get the job done while looking great. Turning individual elements like wire, loose beads and clasps or closures into something original and beautiful is both fulfilling and resourceful. Buy individual tools to suit a specific need or indulge in a complete Bead Kit to get your passion started.

Jewelry Making involoves so many intricate details, which can be easily simplified by using the proper beading tools. Whether its round nose pliers, flat nose pliers or a wire looping tools, each beading tool has its specific function. Utilizing each pliers, cutter and reamer to its proper usage will help a beader achieve maximum results. Although it can get confusing at times, choosing beading tools wisely is the key to happy beading! Our 7 Piece Beading Kit in a leather zip pouch is great for begginer beaders who want basic tools neccesary for beading. As beaders gain experience and become more advanced, they will be introduced to loads of different beading tools to choose from! Beading Pliers can be used for so many things like attaching findings, bending wire, shaping wire, forming wire designs, opening and closing loops and jumprings, tightening findings, and so much more. Different shape pliers will assist a beader in different functions, such as round nose pliers will help you form a nice even loop with memory wire, while chain nose pliers will be best for attaching a finding to a wire. Flat Nose pliers, which have a smooth surface are great for bending wire without leaving any scratches. Our line of pliers, cutters, crimpers and all necceary beading tools are well priced, good quality, and are varied to cover all jewlery making needs.

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