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Czech Glass Table Cut Beads

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Table Cut Beads are an innovative and creative way to add a special element to products. Their frosted or contrasting edges make these beads really pop. Mix and match smooth and engraved Table Cut beads, or different shaped Table Cut beads to get the maximum effect. Table Cut beads pair very well with Pressed Czech Glass Bicone Beads or Pressed Czech Glass Square Beads. Table Cut Beads offer a unique allure to any jewelry piece. Whether it is the marbelized edging, the frosted edges, or the clean smooth cuts,  they are sure to be great focal points, as well as fantastic filler beads!

Table Cut Beads, or Window Beads, as they are often refered to, offer a window like design on each bead. The edges of each bead are obviously contrasted from the rest of the bead, thereby forming a "window" with its design. Most often , the edges of a Table Cut bead are either frosted or matted edges, or they have Marblized - picasso looking edges. Either of the two offer very clean sharp edges, as well as a very smooth surface of the bead. Many Table Cut Beads are reminiscant of ancient looking beads, and can even be refered to as Vintage beads, at times. All Table Cut beads are produced in the Czech Republic with original Czechoslovokian methods, and top quality Czech glass beads.

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