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Preciosa Czech Pearls

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Preciosa is the premier Czech crystal, and thus their crystal pearls have the luster and sheen of no other. The innate glow of Preciosa Pearls contrasts beautifully when strung beside crystals or rhinestones. Preciosa Pearls are of superior quality, wear well and look beautiful. Our selction of Preciosa pearl beads includes 5 sizes, and oh so many beautiful pearlized color beads. As wholesale distributors of Preciosa, be assured we are offering you the lowest wholesale prices on Preciosa Pearls!

Preciosa Pearls are the closest imitation one can get to a natural or cultivated pearl. Imitating the natural production of pearls, Preciosa crystal pearls are produced with an inner core of crystal, with several layers of nacre applied to it. The gloss applied over the Preciosa Nacre pearls , make them indistinguishable from the real thing. They are also highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, and alchol based perumes. Although our Czech Glass Pearls are of excellent quality , Preciosa Pearls still stands a step above!

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