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Bead Chain

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Linked Bead Chain is unique and useful because they can be a complete product in and of themselves, and also be used to complement a product. Use contrasting chain colors to make Linked beaded Chains really stand out on your product or garment. Beaded Chain is an innovative way to utilize Czech crystals as both an individual and a complete product and can be used in a myriad of ways. Bead Chains are sold wholesale by the spool of approximatly 10-25 meters per spool. 

Bead Chain is a neccesry and useful product for both jewelery designers and lighting manufacturers alike. Incorperating beaded chain in a chandelier is the most typical way to go about enhancing a chandelier , and bringing it up to the next level. Designers and manufacturers have a plethora of choices when deciding which bead chain to use on a lighting piece or jewelry creation! Our beaded chains are available in so many different pin finishes, such as gold, silver, black ,raw, and antique silver pins. Aside from the pin finishes- which are the links between the beads, the actual beads themselves are available in loads of different sizes, colors and shapes. Altough the most popular bead shape on linked bead chain is round faceted beads, they are also available in druk beads, bicone beads, table cut beads and so much more. In addition, we can custom design any bead chain to detailed specifications of a customer, if a minimum order requirement is met.

 In addition to chandelier designing, Beaded chain is very commonly used as a rosary necklace. Wholesalers, as well as individuals, will very often use a strand of bead chain, threaded with a cross, as a rosary necklace, leaving it to be commonly called linked rosary chain. Aside for incorporating beaded chain in manufacturing products, it can very often be used on its own as a stunning necklace, chandelier earring, or bracelet. The options are endles...and the skys the limit when it comes to dealing with your imagination!

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