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These consumer size sweep mixes come beautifully presented in a plastic box, as part of our BeadConcepts collection. With a generous mix of a variety of beads you are sure to create some masterpieces of varying styles and tastes.
Pony Beads
These new CzechMate two hole beads are the building blocks of modern beading.Browse our huge array of colors and shapes and get beading.
Druk Beads
Linked Rosary Chains are unique and useful because they can be a complete product in an of themselves, and also be used to complement a product. Use contrasting chain colors to make Linked Rosary Chains really stand out on your product or garment. Linked Rosary Chains are an innovative way to utilize Czech crystals as both an individual and a complete product and can be used in a myriad of ways.
Rizo Beads
Who doesnt love RIZO beads? And even more so at our lowest wholesale prices! They are a staple in any craft workshop and available in a wide variety of colors and coatings. These high quality RIZO beads look great strung alone, or used as spacers with other beads. Their size ensures that they wont add much weight or bulk to the finished product you are creating. Stylish with an up-to-date flair, these beads add funkiness to your designs!
Like any master of a trade, your talent and creativity are not easily maximized without the proper tools. With these easy to use, comfortable and ergonomic appliances, even a novice jewelry maker can quickly become an expert. These efficient Crimpers, Cutters, Pliers and more get the job done while looking great. Turning individual elements like wire, loose beads and clasps or closures into something original and beautiful is both fulfilling and resourceful. Buy individual tools to suit a specific need or indulge in a complete Bead Kit to get your passion started.

Rhinestones Crystals

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"Mode Beads shipped everything on time, the quality of their product was by far better than most of my previous suppliers." 
Jewel Designer

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies from Modebeads

Modebeads is proud to carry an extensive collection of beautiful Wholesale Jewelry Supplies at incredible prices. Creating jewelry is an incredibly creative and detailed art form. Jewelers and hobbyists are constantly looking for new shapes, colors and styles to adorn their creations and always keeping their eyes peeled for new ideas and trends to inspire them for their next pieces. At Modebeads, we offer you an amazing variety of wholesale jewelry supplies, such as wholesale rhinestones, crystal beads, Czech beads and much more that is guaranteed to give you new ideas for your jewelry. Available in wholesale quantities, we make it easy for you to get the jewelry supplies that you need at great prices.

Crystal Beads, Seed Beads, Czech Beads & More!

Of course, Modebeads has a large collection of beautiful wholesale jewelry beads, available in variety of attractive shapes, styles and colors. We are the largest manufacturer of Czech Glass Fire Polished Beads and also provide the absolute largest selection of these Czech beads, from diverse Antique Cathedral Beads and Gemstones to Rondels and Ovals. In addition, browse our incredibly diverse selection of Seed Beads that you won't find anywhere else, as well as our collection of Crystal Beads by Preciosa, featuring some of the most detailed and distinctive wholesale crystal beads you will find on the Internet. And if you are looking for even more variety, check out our cool Wholesale Bead Mixes, the perfect solution to those who like to mix and match!

Wholesale Rhinestones and More Than Beads!

Modebeads is more than just beads. We are one of the largest suppliers of other wholesale jewelry supplies such as crystals, gems and pearls. Our collection of Preciosa Crystals and Preciosa Pearls are among our most popular sellers, as jewelry enthusiasts recognize the cutting-edge brilliance and care that Preciosa, the world-renowned Czech brand, puts into each of its jewelry products. Also, take a look at our Wholesale Rhinestones and many more of our products, such as Wholesale Jewelry Pendants, beautiful Wholesale Buttons and more. And don't forget, we also carry a convenient selection of Jewelry Tools and Supplies that will make it much easier to create your jewelry!';
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