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Czech Glass Fire Polished Beads

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Fire Polished beads are a popular type of glass bead which are famous for their technique of cutting and heat polishing for centuries. The stability of shape and size, as well as the consistency of color is what makes fire polished easily recognizable. Czech Fire Polished beads are produced in 20 basic shapes, each of which are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2mm up till 20mm. We pride ourselves in having the largest in color selection, and the lowest in price! Fire Polished Beads are produced in the Czech Republic and are of high quality material.

Firepolishing, and age old technique, which has been used for centuries of time, is what gives these beads their luster and shine. The heat melts the outside of the bead just enough to turn it from matte to shiny. Heating by fire- which is where the name comes from- was used to melt the outside of the bead. bringing the surface of the bead to 600 degree Celsius, and then merged into shiny facets- that way the beads gained a high shine. Today, most Czech Glass beads are firepolished using sets of trays on which rods full of glass beads are spaced to run through a kiln. Originally, however, glass beads were firepolished by hand in wood burning fires. The workshops in which many artisans would work over the past two centuries revolved around the fireplace for both creating and firepolishing the beads.

The high luster in combination with sharp facets gives fire polished beads a similar appearance to crsytal beads. The great advantage of fire polished beads over crystals beads, such as preciosa crystals is its low lead count, and much lower cost. Fire Polished beads are safe to use in childrens jewelry since it does not contain a significant amount of lead, whereas Preciosa crystal beads exceed the lead limit for children under the age of 14 years.

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