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Chandelier Crystals Wholesale

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In no way are these beautiful Wholesale Chandelier Crystals limited to chandelier making. Our fantastic selection of chandlier beads and parts ensures that we will meet your needs in high quality glass and crystal chandelier trimmings. These beautiful U Drops, Crystal Ball Pendants, Crystal Bars, Octagons and Pendalogues can be used to make unique jewelry, home decorations, and more! Our chandlier crystals are wholesale and are sold to manufacturers and designers that require a selection of high quality trimmings.

Buying chandelier crystals wholesale may be hard to come by. The very specific needs of each chandlier manufacturered, makes it neccesary for so many different types of chandelier beads and crystals. That is why our selection of wholesale Chandelier beads are a great source for manufactureres and designers. We offer a huge selection of chandelier crsytals in many different shapes, sizes and colors. In addition, we will customize and custom create any crystal,  bead or beaded chain , if a minimum order requirement is met. Our line of chandelier beads and crystals are popular among first time producers, as well as companies working to replace missing chandelier parts. Often a specific pendant or chandelier bead is needed, and Modebeads will step up to find the perfect replacement.

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