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Asian Crystal Drops

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Asian Crystal Drops are a quick and simple way to elevate a clean and boring strand of crystals or glass beads into a product that is spectacular and elegant! Drops look great when added to jewelry, apparel, or home decorations alike. They bring an elevated, understated element of class to your product. Asian Crystals are both a beautiful and affordable way to dress up your design!
Machine Cut Drop Bronze p1/2
Product ID : MCC984_BRONZE-20
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Machine Cut Drop Crystal AB p1/2
Product ID : MCC984_CAB-20
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Machine Cut Drop Champage Gold
Product ID : MCC984_CHPNGLD-20
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Machine Cut Drop Lilac p1/2
Product ID : MCC984_LILAC-20
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Machine Cut Drop pink p1/2
Product ID : MCC984_PINK-20
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Machine Cut Drop silverp1/2
Product ID : MCC984_SILVER-20
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